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Waiting for the Inevitable

How long will it be before the second person asks when they’ll be able to run Blackberry software on their iPhone? [Later] Gee, that didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. Not exactly the Blackberry question, but close. AT&T plans to market the iPhone to business users in addition to consumers but analysts aren’t […]

Options Bite Rim Hard – Twice

( wireless )

Problems accounting for previously issued stock options – and not a few of them – have cost Rim more than embarrassment: they’ve cost them their chairman. According to The Wall Street Journal, Jim Balsillie has stepped down as chairman but will remain as co-CEO. Former CFO Dennis Kavelman has assumed the title of COO for […]

3G Bandwidth Requirements vs. Network Capacity

( wireless )

Despite the fact that I no longer work in the WWAN industry on a daily basis I remain fascinated by it, especially when it comes to the data side of the house. (I realize that with the advent of digital networks that all traffic is technically data, but the carriers, internally and externally, continue to […]

Here We Go Again

( wireless )

That title should be sung to the tune of ‘On The Road Again‘. RIM’s been sued for patent infringement by Visto, who claims that RIM is wrongly using four of Visto’s patents in its BlackBerry system. On the surface this seems different from the NTP suit RIM settled in March: Visto and RIM compete in […]

Doing Business in China

I have a tiny bit of experience dealing with the Chinese. Back in my Mobitex days Ericsson was trying to get a network up and running on the mainland, and fledgling operator launched in Hong Kong. I had more than a few meetings with the young operators and with a variety of potential network operators. […]

Phone Envy

( wireless )

While the RAZR continues to grow its market share both here in the US and abroad other manufacturers aren’t just sitting around. And models incorporating RIM’s BlackBerry software continue to be announced. Last month it was the Nokia 9300 which debuted; it’s the latest in a long line of brick-like devices that Nokia has produced […]

Corks Popping in Waterloo

( wireless )

There are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of workaholics breathing easier tonight on the news that the RIM-NTP patent blood feud has been settled for about 50% more than the originally agreed settlement. I’ll have more later, but on first blush the deal looks like a bargain for RIM and a windfall for NTP. There are […]

RIM Gets A Minor Victory From USPTO

( wireless )

RIM announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has rejected all claims in an NTP patent central to the patent infringement case between the companies. NTP has the right to appeal the ruling but not to submit further information to support its claims in the so-called ‘592’ patent. The PTO, as part of its […]

Once Upon A Time, Wireless Email Was TNBT*

( wireless )

Now it’s email patent infringement lawsuits that are making most of the news in wireless. At one point there was only one company suing anybody over wireless email patents – RIM. Then NTP famously took on RIM and now Visto is taking on Good Technology on top of its December filing against Microsoft. Visto claims […]

Drumbeats Of BlackBerry Shutdown

As a precursor to what some are calling the inevitable shutdown of BlackBerry in the US, the Globe and Mail has published an excellent review of the RIM-NTP saga, including comparisons of Mike Lazaridis’ and Tom Campana’s youths and a tale of a courtroom blunder that itself should probably be taught in law school. The […]