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Must Be Friday

( personal )

JT sent me this link. Gotta love them Aussies and the Aussies sure love their beer. As do we all.

You Think That’s Juggling?

( personal )

By now you’ve probably seen the video of comedian Chris Bliss (whose website contains this excellent disclaimer: “There will be no language or subject matter on chrisbliss.com not currently found on the playgrounds of our public schools.”) Even the Power Line guys have gotten aboard. There’s no doubt that Bliss is an outstanding showman and […]

What A Way To Reengage

( personal )

It doesn’t matter why I haven’t been writing, so I won’t bore you with the details. But I can’t imagine a better reason to make an entry than to point out that my friend and business partner Nick and his wife are currently at the hospital in Baltimore for the birth of their second child. […]

Waiting For The Third

( personal )

Have you noticed that some things seem to come in sets of three – good news, bad news, odd events? (See, that was three right there. :-)) Well, I’m waiting for the third blast from the past. On Wednesday I attended a workshop for entrepreneurs at a hotel in Columbia, MD. The session was organized […]

RIP, Wicked Pickett

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Wilson Pickett died today. If you are of a certain age you can probably rattle off a quick handful of his hits from the 60s without even stopping to think about it. And many of us included more than one of his songs in our band’s repertoire. Hell, it was a sure way to get […]

What’s Changed Beside the Obvious

Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and moved the blogs to WordPress. I found Drupal to be very powerful but it really is a bit too high maintenance for me, given the other demands on my time. WordPress was a snap to install (see “The Famous Five Minute Install“), relatively easy to customize with plug-ins […]

And We’re Back

Hope you like the new look. I’ll have more to add shortly. Still working on sweeping in the corners. 🙂

“War On Brats”

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A Chicago restaurant owner has instituted a policy that kids will behave when in his establishment. His sign reads: “Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices when coming to A Taste of Heaven”. Yet a psychologist and mother of three objects in an all-too-familiar fashion. “I love people who don’t […]

Bird Flu Panic

If you’re absolutely, totally convinced that you’ll be the only person in your block left alive after the inevitable H5N1 pandemic then don’t bother to read this Weekly Standard article by Michael Fumento. His well researched and documented piece puts the fear mongering and scare tactics of the popular media into perspective and should be […]

Newsflash: Tin Foil Hats Don’t Work

A paper published by MIT researchers shows definitely that tin foil hats, regardless of configuration, are ineffective at blocking the Government’s ability to read one’s mind using satellites and that the standard type of TFH actually may enhance the ability of multinational corporations to influence a person’s thinking. [W]e find that although on average all […]