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Hockey makes me cry. My eyes well up and I choke back my emotions because after all, who cries at the start (or finish) of a hockey game? It’s a hockey game, for Pete’s sake. Big guys on skates slamming around with sticks at 20 MPH , crashing into each other and trying to shove/slap/pound […]

New Web Server

After years and years running my sites, and those of a few friends, on WebStar I’m moving over to Apache running on Mac OS X Server. Why? Pretty simple: Kerio, the company who bought WebStar, has let it languish. While they’ve said for a couple of years that they’re committed to the platform they haven’t […]

“The Sun’ll Come Up…”

( personal )

Tuesday Me: Are you around tomorrow afternoon? Him: No, I’ll be out of town most of the day. Me: OK, when’s a good time on Thursday or Friday? Him: Let’s meet for coffee tomorrow at 7:15. Me: Sounds great. Wednesday at 7:15 Me: Hey, I’m here. Where are you? Him: What? I thought we were […]

Recent Silence

( personal )

I’ve taken breaks from writing here before, but none like this one. I can’t recall a period of time when my life has been filled with such short cycles of ups and downs as this past 8 months or so. Today’s a microcosm: twin peaks of good news (making some headway on a prolonged business […]


( personal )

More later. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry. No, I’m actually ecstatic. Not one bit sorry. Except for not being quite ready to tell in public why I’m ecstatic. I will soon, I promise. Here’s a hint: it has something to do with this.

Time Sink

( personal )

Somehow I missed this: an online generator of ‘Dummies’ book covers. The parent site turns out to be a fantastic consumer of free time. Yet another distraction courtesy of Blog Esoterica.

W Ringtone

( personal )

One of Nick’s friends does a pretty good imitation of the President. He and Nick did a couple of mp3 ringtones, one of which featured ‘Hail to the Chief’ playing in the background. It wouldn’t work on Nick’s phone, so I played around with it and edited the music track slightly. Here’s the finished product. […]


( golf andpersonal )

Earlier this month Gregory K. posted a note about a form of poetry he’s playing with, based on the famous Fibonacci sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8 etc.) Fibs, as he’s dubbed the form, are poems which contain syllables in that sequence. For example: One Small, Precise, Poetic, Spiraling mixture: Math plus poetry yields the Fib. The response has […]

Man Of A Thousand Stories

( golf andpersonal )

This is Jay Love, my golf partner last Monday and many other days. But we only play on Mondays because Jay is a caddy at Columbia, and caddies can only play on Mondays. Jay and I each grew up about two decades apart in Montgomery County, in the suburbs of Washington. A few miles in […]

Hot Chilis

( personal )

Via C|Net comes news of what may be the world’s hottest pepper, the Dorset Naga. A hybrid developed by pepper farmers along the southern coast of the UK, the Naga has been measured at over 900,000 Scoville units. I’m sweating under my eyes just thinking about the thing. Estos perritos harán salsa muy caliente, mis […]