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Interesting Comments about Capacity and Performance in EV-DO Networks

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On GigiOm: A few months ago I asked the question:  what happens when say about 2 million subscribers opt for this Verizon service? And I got some really good answers on what are the problems with EV-DO service. Martin said: It goes totally [dead].  Because the reverse link isn’t really CDMA.  And it was slow to start off […]

GoodLink Arriving in UK

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Good Technology announced that it will offer its mobile software platform outside the US for the first time when it launches in the UK later this month. The company said its latest version will be available on the Treo 600 handheld, although it did not specify which carriers would participate.

Flarion and Motorola to Install Wireless Data Network in Washington

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It looks like Flarion’s PR has kicked into high gear. Last week we noted that US iDEN operator Nextel was using the company’s platform for a test network in North Carolina. Now Reuters reports that Flarion and Motorola will install a private wireless data network in Washington, DC, for police, fire and other emergency services’ […]

MT upgrade

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Just upgraded to MT 2.65… just testing to see if it went smoothly. 🙂

A Dozen A Week For A Year

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A man and his nine-year old daughter slept out in the cold last night so they could be first in line when the new Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened in the suburbs of Washington this morning. He took off work and kept her out of school for the event. They won a dozen doughnuts per […]