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Ted, Meet Al. Al, This is Ted.

( hockey )

Maybe Fightin’ Ted Leonsis should ask Wrasslin’ Al Franken if he’d like to become a partner in the Caps. 🙂 I’ve had occasion to meet Leonsis, and exchange email with him (I’m certainly not alone there.) He doesn’t appear, either in person or via email, to be the type of man who’d lose it to […]

I Once Would Have Loved It

( hockey andpersonal )

We got about 6″ of snow here last night. Which means I have to go shovel it. Yippee. Oh yeah. And the Caps lost, too. Happy Monday.

More Jagr

( hockey )

Jim Kelley, writing for ESPN: “…the Washington Capitals, a team he never really wanted to play for in a city he never wanted to play in. Just stepping foot onto Madison Square Garden ice is likely to adjust the attitude of one of the greatest offensive players the game has ever known…..Jagr comes with baggage, […]

Ssssssee Ya

( hockey )

Jagr heads for the Garden. Wonderful player, not such a good teammate. He won’t do much in New York, either, he’s too selfish. [Later] Here’s something to think about: Jagr came to the Caps in 2001 in return for 3 players; he leaves the Caps today in return for one. His stock isn’t exactly rising. […]

‘The Coming Ice Age’

( hockey )

Today’s Washington Post has an in-depth look at the problems in professional hockey. Salaries have risen to 76% of income (the highest in any professional sport), attendance is down, the hoped-for TV revenue never materialized, and 20 of the 30 teams are losing money, including 8 of 10 teams added in the past 10 years. […]

Hanlon Perfect So Far

( hockey )

Congratulations, Glen Hanlon. And Halpie, too.

Caps Fire Cassidy

( hockey )

The Caps fired Bruce Cassidy today, a year and change into his first stint as an NHL coach. Glen Hanlon, who had competed with Cassidy for the job last year and has been one of Cassidy’s assistants, was named head coach. Not interim coach, mind you, but coach. Cassidy had an NHL record of 47-47-9-7, […]

Exasperation, thy name is Capitals.

( hockey )

Take last night, for instance. They’ve had 4 days without a game and had the Panthers on home ice. They took 22 (!) shots in the first, but could only get ‘da biskit’ past Lluongo once. (Jagr finally gets a goal.) Then they got sloppy on defense (again) and let Huselius loose in front. 1-1. […]