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Swine Flu Symptom: Public Dorkiness

( hockey andpolitics )

OK, this is one for the books. Caps are on a roll (having dispatched the Pens after TCB with the Rangers) and eveyone on the train home Saturday afternoon was in a great mood. Then these two – father and son, apparently – pushed into the train, which brightened the mood even more. I’m sure […]


Hockey makes me cry. My eyes well up and I choke back my emotions because after all, who cries at the start (or finish) of a hockey game? It’s a hockey game, for Pete’s sake. Big guys on skates slamming around with sticks at 20 MPH , crashing into each other and trying to shove/slap/pound […]

Alex The Great

( hockey )

Alexander Ovechkin, rightfully, seems to be a lock for Rookie of the Year. Not surprisingly there are a number of excellent video tributes to his amazing abilities. The best one I’ve seen so far is this one, compiled by Peter Olivier Doyon. The best part of OV? He’s even more fun to watch in person. […]

Casualty of the ‘New’ NHL

( hockey )

The reigning Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning have waived the team captain, Dave Andreychuk, who’s 42. He’s been a class act around the league for a long time and it’s a shame to see him go. He’s the second active captain to leave his team this season, the first being Joe Thornton, late of […]

Adding Insults to Injury

( hockey )

That picture to the left (click for larger) shows the last moment that Steve Moore was upright on the ice, just seconds before Todd Bertuzzi sucker punched him from behind, pushed his head into the ice as Moore collapsed, fell on top of him and gave a black eye to an entire professional sport. Bertuzzi […]


( hockey )

Gary Bettman finally got his wish, although I doubt he’ll admit he had it. Now that the owners have cancelled the season perhaps they will examine the strategy which have led the NHL to the brink of extinction. Bettman convinced the owners that they could quickly expand into southern cities with no hockey history or […]

No-Star Game

( hockey )

The NHL has cancelled the 2005 All-Star Game, originally scheduled for Atlanta in February. This AP article notes that the last time there was a lockout in hockey (1994) it ended in January, 1995, and the ensuing season lasted 48 games. This year’s lockout started September 15 and the two sides have not met since […]

Jagr to Moscow

( hockey )

Jagr says he’s got a deal to play in Russia if there’s an NHL lockout next season. According to ESPN The All-Star right wing of the New York Rangers told the New York Daily News that he has a conditional contract in place that will enable him to play in Russia next fall should the […]

Throw Him Out

( hockey )

This is has no place in hockey. This is not ‘watching out for your teammate’, this is not ‘retribution’, this is not ‘the hockey code’. This is criminal and has no place in organized sport at any level, especially the professional level. Bertuzzi should be banned for at least two years, and longer if Moore […]

The Bondra Trade

( hockey )

The Caps, especially the owner and GM, are being taken to task by fans and media alike over having traded Peter Bondra to Ottawa yesterday. I think the criticism is unfair. Not that I don’t like Bondra or what he brought to Washington, especially off the ice, but there’s a piece of the story missing. […]