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The PGA Tour in Washington, or Not

( golf )

My 20+ years of attendance and volunteering at the PGA Tour stop in Washington may be coming to an end, but not because I’m going to quit. It looks to me as though this summer’s Booz Allen Classic will be the last time the men’s professional tour comes to town, maybe until the US Open […]


( golf andpersonal )

Earlier this month Gregory K. posted a note about a form of poetry he’s playing with, based on the famous Fibonacci sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8 etc.) Fibs, as he’s dubbed the form, are poems which contain syllables in that sequence. For example: One Small, Precise, Poetic, Spiraling mixture: Math plus poetry yields the Fib. The response has […]

It’s Masters Weekend

( golf )

Remember, kids, these men are professional athletes. Don’t try this at home. Here’s what we know about John Daly from this picture: Regardless of the size of his belly he’s a remarkably strong and flexible man. Don’t believe me? Then you try to get into that position. His swing is almost comically long, but it’s […]

Man Of A Thousand Stories

( golf andpersonal )

This is Jay Love, my golf partner last Monday and many other days. But we only play on Mondays because Jay is a caddy at Columbia, and caddies can only play on Mondays. Jay and I each grew up about two decades apart in Montgomery County, in the suburbs of Washington. A few miles in […]

Golf in Space, Part II

( golf )

35 years ago Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell took their second spacewalk of the Apollo 14 mission and Shepard became the first man ever to hit a golf ball while not standing on the face of the earth. Now, standing before the television camera, he addressed his audience on Earth: “In my left hand, I […]

Wie DQ

( golf )

If you follow golf you know that Michelle Wie was disqualified for having signed an incorrect scorecard at the LPGA tournament over the weekend. The details of what happened are readily available (see here, here and here). The short version is that a Sports Illustrated writer, Michael Bamberger, was following Wie and her fellow competitor, […]

Golf Art Film

( golf andtechnology )

A San Francisco filmmaker is working on a film about golf. It apparently will be unlike any golf movie you’ve seen before. (I’m not sure that calling it a ‘movie’ is right at all – in this case, ‘film’ seems more appropriate.) If you don’t believe me, check out the trailer. It’ll take a few […]

You’ll Have To Take My Word For It

( golf )

Candidly, I was glued to the tube over the weekend, watching the masterful performance that Tiger Woods put on at St. Andrews. While those around him flailed, pouted and succumbed to the pressure he showed that he is once again at the top of his game, and at the top of the golf world. Where […]

Back From The Congo

( golf )

What a wonderful week. Starting last Monday at about 11:30AM I spent 52.5 hours on Congressional’s golf course, Alex graduated on Saturday, the Bub was home for the weekend, plus our old and dear friends Susan and Mark were in town to help us celebrate. I’m slowly digging out from under the mountain of stuff […]

Let Me Help With That Viral Marketing Campaign…

( golf )

Back to Tiger’s unbelievable chip-in at the Masters. www.howdiditgoin.com For a marketer’s take on the site read this post by Joe Jaffe. Pretty spot on analysis. One thing that Jaffe doesn’t mention, however, is that the voicever in the doctored clips, which sounds like it was done by Vern Lundquist, is not what was broadcast […]