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Board Membership, Quantified

Posted on Thursday 29 October 2009

This year I’ve kept very careful track of the time I spent volunteering at Maryland State Golf Association events and meetings. Given that we have one main event left (our annual meeting in a couple of weeks) I thought I’d total up my time. Wow.

Starting in March I officiated at 22 events on 18 different courses around the state. I spent a total of 385 hours on course, not including travel time to and from home. I arrived at the course at 6:45AM on average (5:45AM was the earliest) and averaged leaving the course at 6:10PM. All told I spent 385 hours on various courses. I drove 1975 miles to get to and from the events. The longest round trip was 350 miles (Williamsburg) and the shortest was several events at Columbia, just up the street in Chevy Chase.

By the time the annual meeting is over I will have attended 34 hours of Board and other meetings, spread out over 8 events. I will have driven 540 miles to and from those meetings.

So here’s how all that adds up: 48 days, 419 hours, 2515 miles. Out of pocket costs other than gas: $155. Gas cost (est): $300.

Oh. And I loved every minute.

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