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Swine Flu Symptom: Public Dorkiness

Posted on Monday 4 May 2009

Pair of DorksOK, this is one for the books. Caps are on a roll (having dispatched the Pens after TCB with the Rangers) and eveyone on the train home Saturday afternoon was in a great mood. Then these two – father and son, apparently – pushed into the train, which brightened the mood even more.

I’m sure Joe Biden is their hero. Since they couldn’t heed his warning not to travel in planes or trains or other enclosed spaces they did the next best thing: they used the rally towels the Caps gave out at the game as makeshift face masks. No, really. No doubt the high quality cotton poly is at least as resistant to A/H1N1 viruses as an N95 mask. (Click the picture to make them bigger dorks.)

The kid finally gave up when he finally realized that most of the rest of the car was highly amused by their frivolity, but the dad kept up his PDBR (public display of brain rot) for at least a half dozen more stops. Mercy. Somebody shoulda sneezed.

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