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The iPhone Application I Want

Posted on Tuesday 30 January 2007

iphonehand_thumbnail.jpgWell, since everybody and his brother seems to have weighed in on whether the iPhone is good or bad, whether version 1.0 will be a hit or a bomb, whether those of us who’ll take the plunge are sheeple or shrewd, whether Apple will ever open the platform even a wee little bit or not, I’ve got another question: what will the first non-core applications be?

The core applications are well known: phone (including voice and SMS), ipod (including photos and videos), ‘Net (including browser and mail), plus the ‘widgets’ – Google maps, calendar, contacts, calculator, weather, notepad, camera, clock, stock. The way the iPhone’s interface is represented these applications are organized as 14 icons plus a Settings icon.

My wish list – which admittedly is not going to match everybody’s – has one main item for a remote control for other Apple devices. My personal preference would be to allow the iPhone to use its Bluetooth radio to control a presentation application – Keynote (or Powerpoint, if you insist – the same way the fabulous Salling Clicker can. And if the UI in the shipping version winds up looking like what Steve Jobs demoed a couple of weeks ago there’s even an open spot on the icon list, see? Right there in the middle right? 🙂

And if Apple won’t do it, I’ll hope that they’ll at least give Jonas Salling the API so he can add iPhone support.

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    March 12, 2008 | 8:46 pm

    Now with the SDK on the horizon your dreams may be about to come true. Have you heard any development around this idea? It sounds interesting to me.

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