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Stupid Question Of The Day

Posted on Thursday 1 June 2006

Wisconsin Avenue NW, in Friendship Heights, seems to be a favorite place for street pollsters and others to try to corral people to pitch their stuff, but for some reason the hucksters always ask idiotic questions as their come-on.

A couple of weeks ago a young rep from some environmental group or other asked, “Are you against global warming?” BZZZT! You’re out for asking one of the most idiotic questions I’ve heard in a long time! Thanks for playing! Didn’t your trainers tell you that by asking a question like that you’ll only attract the people who already agree with the many assumptions inherent in the question? Or was that your point? No, you moron, I’m actually FOR global warming: cuts down on the winter heating bills and should extend the growing season thus providing more jobs for landscapers. And all that new shoreline will make for kabillions of dollars in new real estate development, not to mention the new marinas.

Yesterday’s SQOTD was even more fun. “Hi, sir. Would you like to help defeat the Republicans today?” asked the young woman wearing a tee shirt emblazoned with “Democratic National Committee.” BZZZT! I slowed down a bit, and carefully considered my response. Are Democrats really that bad at either picking street pollsters or training them, or could this be another Karl Rove political trick to make them LOOK bad? I chucked a little bit, smiled my friendliest smile and said no, sans equivocation. The young woman scowled indignantly at me, as if I’d just called her something nasty.

They don’t call ’em closed-ended questions for nothing.

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