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May 2006
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3G Bandwidth Requirements vs. Network Capacity

Despite the fact that I no longer work in the WWAN industry on a daily basis I remain fascinated by it, especially when it comes to the data side of the house. (I realize that with the advent of digital networks that all traffic is technically data, but the carriers, internally and externally, continue to […]

Recent Silence

I’ve taken breaks from writing here before, but none like this one. I can’t recall a period of time when my life has been filled with such short cycles of ups and downs as this past 8 months or so. Today’s a microcosm: twin peaks of good news (making some headway on a prolonged business […]

Finally, Some Non-hysteria about RFID

Given that our fledgling company is interested in RFID we follow the space pretty carefully. The technology is good, although developments to date have focused more on functionality and less on the security of the data. This has led many to don their tin foil hats and proclaim that ‘the Government’ wants to/can/will track each […]

Here We Go Again

That title should be sung to the tune of ‘On The Road Again‘. RIM’s been sued for patent infringement by Visto, who claims that RIM is wrongly using four of Visto’s patents in its BlackBerry system. On the surface this seems different from the NTP suit RIM settled in March: Visto and RIM compete in […]