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Posted on Wednesday 19 April 2006

More later. 🙂 Sorry.

No, I’m actually ecstatic. Not one bit sorry. Except for not being quite ready to tell in public why I’m ecstatic. I will soon, I promise. Here’s a hint: it has something to do with this.

2 Comments for 'YAHOO! YIPPEE! HOO-AHH! OH MAN!'

    Mikael Ekstrand
    May 18, 2006 | 3:06 pm

    Is that to be spelled out as Barse Consulting Group?????

    May 19, 2006 | 6:54 am

    No, Mikael, you know me better than that. Besides, it’d get me in trouble with these guys.

    Barse Casey Gustavsson, and we’re trying our damndest to do wireless stuff.

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