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Posted on Thursday 27 April 2006

I try to stay away from religious discussion here but I’ve decided to make an exception. This story in Der Spiegel made me laugh to tears: a bunch of Muslim thugs in Germany have threatened a legal brothel with violence and damage unless the the brothel removes the Iranian and Saudi flags from a poster on the side of the building.

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Europe’s largest brothel, the Pascha in Cologne, which incidentally claims to be the world’s only brothel with a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers, attached the flags of all 32 nations competing in the World Cup to its façade in a bid to demonstrate international flair and attract custom during the tournament this summer.

A giant poster covering the side of the seven-story, 126-apartment building showed a friendly-looking blonde woman lifting up her bra above the slogan “A Time to Make Girlfriends”, in a play on the World Cup’s official slogan “A Time to Make Friends.” Right beneath her pink panties were posters of the flags, including those of strictly Islamic Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Pascha’s manager Armin Lobscheid had also erected real flags of all the World Cup nations on another side of the building.

The campaign provoked excitement, but not the kind the management was hoping for. Men from the Muslim community came to the door complaining that showing the flags of Saudi Arabia and Iran was an insult to the Prophet Muhammad. Later, some returned in masks.

Take it from me. Based on my observations the red light district in Amsterdam was not a place Muslim men avoided. Quite the contrary. In fact, I once met a German printing equipment salesman who was shepherding a gaggle of his Iranian customers around Amsterdam in order to close a sale. He confided to me over drinks one night that they wouldn’t sign the order unless he took them out of Tehran and escorted them around both Köln and Amsterdam; Köln so they could see his plant and drink, and Amsterdam so they could, um, partake of the local sweets.

But back to the Germans…I guess thugs are thugs, regardless of how they justify their thuggishness.

From TigerHawk, where you’ll also find this delicious comment, which reads in part,

“But against Muslim extremists, we’ll all unite behind German prostitution companies. What a crazy world we live in.”

Amen. 🙂

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