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Phone Envy

Posted on Wednesday 5 April 2006

samsung bberry flip_thumbnail.jpegWhile the RAZR continues to grow its market share both here in the US and abroad other manufacturers aren’t just sitting around. And models incorporating RIM’s BlackBerry software continue to be announced. Last month it was the Nokia 9300 which debuted; it’s the latest in a long line of brick-like devices that Nokia has produced in the 9XXX family. Basically it’s a PDA that also happens to be a phone, like the first voice-enabled BlackBerries. Only less stylish, if you can believe that.

Today Samsung announced the T719 at the CTIA show in Las Vegas. Like the newer RIM devices, this unit is a phone that includes the BlackBerry client software. Let’s see… GSM, EDGE, flip, BlackBerry. If it works well this could be the first device to make me consider giving up my RAZR and aging 950.

I imagine that these will be the first of many BlackBerry-equipped devices from the big handset players, since most of them have signed licensing deals with RIM. Now that the NTP suit is finally dealt with they can start cashing in on the past couple of years of development work. Kind of makes you wonder what the future is for RIM’s own devices, doesn’t it?

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    April 10, 2006 | 8:10 pm

    New Blackberry Phone…

    Now that the legal problems for RIM are over, I am sure we will see many more Blackberry devices come out. Here is the first one out of the game: Samsung T719.
    “Today Samsung announced the T719 at the CTIA show in Las Vegas. Like the newer RIM de…

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