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April 2006
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Man Of A Thousand Stories

( golf andpersonal )

This is Jay Love, my golf partner last Monday and many other days. But we only play on Mondays because Jay is a caddy at Columbia, and caddies can only play on Mondays. Jay and I each grew up about two decades apart in Montgomery County, in the suburbs of Washington. A few miles in […]

Phone Envy

While the RAZR continues to grow its market share both here in the US and abroad other manufacturers aren’t just sitting around. And models incorporating RIM’s BlackBerry software continue to be announced. Last month it was the Nokia 9300 which debuted; it’s the latest in a long line of brick-like devices that Nokia has produced […]

Hot Chilis

Via C|Net comes news of what may be the world’s hottest pepper, the Dorset Naga. A hybrid developed by pepper farmers along the southern coast of the UK, the Naga has been measured at over 900,000 Scoville units. I’m sweating under my eyes just thinking about the thing. Estos perritos harán salsa muy caliente, mis […]

The World Might Indeed Be Flat

Check out this announcement from Apple: CUPERTINO, California—April 5, 2006—Apple® today introduced Boot Camp, public beta software that enables Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP. Available as a download beginning today, Boot Camp allows users with a Microsoft Windows XP installation disc to install Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac®, and once installation is complete, […]