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March 2006
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Must Be Friday

JT sent me this link. Gotta love them Aussies and the Aussies sure love their beer. As do we all.

You Think That’s Juggling?

By now you’ve probably seen the video of comedian Chris Bliss (whose website contains this excellent disclaimer: “There will be no language or subject matter on chrisbliss.com not currently found on the playgrounds of our public schools.”) Even the Power Line guys have gotten aboard. There’s no doubt that Bliss is an outstanding showman and […]

What A Way To Reengage

It doesn’t matter why I haven’t been writing, so I won’t bore you with the details. But I can’t imagine a better reason to make an entry than to point out that my friend and business partner Nick and his wife are currently at the hospital in Baltimore for the birth of their second child. […]

Corks Popping in Waterloo

There are undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of workaholics breathing easier tonight on the news that the RIM-NTP patent blood feud has been settled for about 50% more than the originally agreed settlement. I’ll have more later, but on first blush the deal looks like a bargain for RIM and a windfall for NTP. There are […]

Golf in Space, Part II

( golf )

35 years ago Alan Shepard and Ed Mitchell took their second spacewalk of the Apollo 14 mission and Shepard became the first man ever to hit a golf ball while not standing on the face of the earth. Now, standing before the television camera, he addressed his audience on Earth: “In my left hand, I […]