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RIM Gets A Minor Victory From USPTO

Posted on Wednesday 1 February 2006

RIM announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has rejected all claims in an NTP patent central to the patent infringement case between the companies. NTP has the right to appeal the ruling but not to submit further information to support its claims in the so-called ‘592’ patent. The PTO, as part of its reexamination, has ruled that it found no grounds for patentability in the 592 patent.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the patent reexaminations and the ongoing court case are oddly disconnected, as counter-intuitive as that sounds to us mere mortals.

The differences in timing between the patent review and the court case, however, have set up a bizarre situation where a federal judge is set to take action against a company for violating patents that U.S. patent officials are signaling shouldn’t have been granted in the first place.

I wonder if the patent reexams will wind up having any bearing on the various Visto cases I noted yesterday?

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