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Once Upon A Time, Wireless Email Was TNBT*

Posted on Tuesday 31 January 2006

Now it’s email patent infringement lawsuits that are making most of the news in wireless. At one point there was only one company suing anybody over wireless email patents – RIM. Then NTP famously took on RIM and now Visto is taking on Good Technology on top of its December filing against Microsoft.

Visto claims that Good infringes on four Visto patents relating to email and information management. (If you like reading patents they’re are listed in this CNet article.)

What’s really interesting about this is that Visto and NTP are apparently allies. Visto has licensed some of NTP’s patents, and NTP is a shareholder in Visto. Visto’s CEO is taking a hard line on the PR front, too; he characterized Good as a “late entrant” to the wireless email market in this Information Week article.

Clearly Visto and NTP have agreed to spend their money on lawyers. Visto’s cash apparently comes from revenues as well as their venture capital backers; NTP’s money is currently being mostly escrowed by RIM, as their licensing deals are few and one must assume that revenue from them is meager. Perhaps this merely represents a new business model: suing one’s way to shareholder value.

*The Next Big Thing

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