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January 2006
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Once Upon A Time, Wireless Email Was TNBT*

Now it’s email patent infringement lawsuits that are making most of the news in wireless. At one point there was only one company suing anybody over wireless email patents – RIM. Then NTP famously took on RIM and now Visto is taking on Good Technology on top of its December filing against Microsoft. Visto claims […]

Drumbeats Of BlackBerry Shutdown

As a precursor to what some are calling the inevitable shutdown of BlackBerry in the US, the Globe and Mail has published an excellent review of the RIM-NTP saga, including comparisons of Mike Lazaridis’ and Tom Campana’s youths and a tale of a courtroom blunder that itself should probably be taught in law school. The […]

Classic Good News/Bad News Situation

What is this man doing? (click for larger picture) Still can’t tell? Yes, that’s his notebook. Yes, he’s on an airplane (Lufthansa, to be more accurate). And yes, he’s wearing a headset. Need more help? Prepare yourself to groan, then click here. Via Esthr Dyson on Dave Farber’s list.

Waiting For The Third

Have you noticed that some things seem to come in sets of three – good news, bad news, odd events? (See, that was three right there. :-)) Well, I’m waiting for the third blast from the past. On Wednesday I attended a workshop for entrepreneurs at a hotel in Columbia, MD. The session was organized […]

RIP, Wicked Pickett

Wilson Pickett died today. If you are of a certain age you can probably rattle off a quick handful of his hits from the 60s without even stopping to think about it. And many of us included more than one of his songs in our band’s repertoire. Hell, it was a sure way to get […]

Nagin Retreats, Sort Of

It appears that Mr. Mayor of New Orleans, the former cable TV manager Ray Nagin, has been taken to task by more than lil ol’ me for his remarks Monday. On one point Nagin apparently wants to sincerely apologize for is his assertion that God is mad at America or at black people in particular. […]

Waiting For The Outrage

The mayor of New Orleans is apparently a racist, not to mention how much he has in common with another unjustly famous whack job, Pat Robertson. Said Mr. Mayor yesterday: “Surely God is mad at America. He sent us hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, and it’s destroyed and put stress on this country. Surely he […]

‘Let The Good Times Roll’

Did you know that Guy Kawasaki has a blog? Me neither, until now. We can be forgiven for not knowing, since he only started writing it two weeks ago. But there’s no excuse for not reading it – daily – now that we know. If you’re into entrepreneurship, technology, startups, public speaking and/or venture capital, […]

RIM, not NTP, News

For those of you waiting for further word on the progress, or lack thereof, in the RIM-NTP patent fandango, I’m afraid this will disappoint you. RIM announced a couple of things that have nothing to do with patent lawsuits. Sorry. First, RIM said that a Google Talk instant messaging client for Blackberry is being developed […]

Funny Coincidence

Apple yesterday unveiled its first machines based on Intel’s processors, a new iMac and a new notebook. Oddly enough, Apple’s stock closed yesterday at $80.86. <cue Twilight Zone theme> Pointed out by Hiawatha Bray on Dave Farber’s IP list.