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December 2005
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Adding Insults to Injury

( hockey )

That picture to the left (click for larger) shows the last moment that Steve Moore was upright on the ice, just seconds before Todd Bertuzzi sucker punched him from behind, pushed his head into the ice as Moore collapsed, fell on top of him and gave a black eye to an entire professional sport. Bertuzzi […]

Further Thoughts on Velocita

Carl wrote that my requiem for the US Mobitex network might be premature. With usership [of the Mobitex network] way down from the peak, Sprint could reallocate 2/3s of the Mobitex sprectrum to iDen in metro areas without reducing the Mobitex coverage footprint. Maybe I’m being optimistic, but I don’t believe that Sprint will shut […]

Looks Like My Old 950 Just Became A Dinosaur

SPRINT NEXTEL TO ACQUIRE VELOCITA WIRELESS Transaction Will Enhance iDEN Network’s 900 MHz spectrum position Sprint Nextel and Velocita Wireless announced today that Sprint will acquire Velocita through a stock purchase agreement and plans to begin use of some of the company’s 900 MHz spectrum. The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approvals, and is […]

Memo To RIM

I had a chance yesterday to catch up with an old friend from my Mobitex days; he now works for Cingular on the cellular side of the house. He was showing me his brand-spankin’ new BlackBerry 8700c; it runs on Cingular’s EDGE network. Because it’s an EDGE device the airlink data rate is pretty quick […]

USPTO Moves To Invalidate NTP Patent, and Telenor Surfaces Again

Just a day after the court handed NTP good news in its lawsuit against RIM the US Patent and Trademark Office tossed a wet blanket on the party by rejecting, for the second time, all the claims in one of five patents at issue. The USPTO is reexamining all five patents and had previously rejected […]