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November 2005
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Things Looking Grim for RIM, Legally Speaking

The court overseeing the patent case against RIM filed by NTP handed RIM another defeat earlier today by ruling that it would neither put off further proceedings pending patent reexaminations nor enforce the terms of an earlier settlement agreement between the parties. The court’s actions mean that NTP most likely has clear sailing to force […]

Quote of the Day

“The book reads a little like Moby Dick might read if it were written from the point of view of Captain Ahab rather than of Ishmael.” – Scott Johnson, eviscerating Mary Mapes’ book about the 60 Minutes II story which featured fraudulent documents purportedly from the Texas Air National Guard.

The Internet of Things

Simon Chester, writing on slaw.ca, points out an interesting paper published by the ITU: The Internet of Things. The paper examines what the ITU terms “the next step in ‘always on’ communications,” that is the convergence of several key enabling technologies (RFID, sensors, embedded intelligence and nanotechnology) will allow inanimate objects to communicate. From the […]

“War On Brats”

A Chicago restaurant owner has instituted a policy that kids will behave when in his establishment. His sign reads: “Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices when coming to A Taste of Heaven”. Yet a psychologist and mother of three objects in an all-too-familiar fashion. “I love people who don’t […]

Modern Day McCarthyism

One of my favorite authors, Orson Scott Card, has posted an excellent article equating purposeful omissions and outright fabrications by the widely read and seen media to Josephy McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade in the 1950s. McCarthy used the country’s post-World War II anti-Communist to fuel his own ambition and to attack his political enemies. Card summarizes […]

Warp Drive Patented

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent #6,960,975, titled “Space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state” to Boris Volfson of Huntington, IN. The abstract reads thus [emphasis added]: A space vehicle propelled by the pressure of inflationary vacuum state is provided comprising a hollow superconductive shield, an inner shield, […]

Bird Flu Panic

If you’re absolutely, totally convinced that you’ll be the only person in your block left alive after the inevitable H5N1 pandemic then don’t bother to read this Weekly Standard article by Michael Fumento. His well researched and documented piece puts the fear mongering and scare tactics of the popular media into perspective and should be […]

Interesting Article on Mobility from FT

Another piece passed along by Dave Farber’s list…a good article by Richard Waters: Mobility Special: Plugged into it all. Waters looks at the evolution in the use of wireless networks, driven by an entire generation which has grown up using cell phones. Waters discusses many interesting aspects but I’ll single one out: this discussion of […]

Newsflash: Tin Foil Hats Don’t Work

A paper published by MIT researchers shows definitely that tin foil hats, regardless of configuration, are ineffective at blocking the Government’s ability to read one’s mind using satellites and that the standard type of TFH actually may enhance the ability of multinational corporations to influence a person’s thinking. [W]e find that although on average all […]

Scandal in Gaffney

Caution: oddball sense of humor alert. For reasons which seemed appropriate at the time we stopped at an outlet center in Gaffney, SC, (home of the world famous Gaffney Peach) on the way back from Atlanta. Walking by one store this poster caught my eye. Guess you can pick up anything at the outlets these […]