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It’s Alive…It’s Alive

Posted on Thursday 13 October 2005

whatsit_thumbnail.jpegFor some inexplicable reason good news for my partners and me usually comes on Fridays, but this week it came a day early. I’ve told some of you that we’ve been collaborating with NASA on a lab project aimed at commercializing a particular technology. I’ve said precious little to anyone about what the technology does, what it is, or what we plan to do with it. Frankly we’ve been waiting for some concrete evidence that it does what we thought it might.

Well, here is that evidence. You can click on the thumbnail for a closer look, but I apologize for the distinct lack of deeper information.

Yes, I realize that this is a nasty tease, but I’m not going to tell you anything more, other than to say that we got the preliminary results from the lab today, delivered over burritos and fish tacos. And let me just say, lunch still tastes good.

I’ll make this deal with you: if you can tell me what the graph to the left represents I’ll cook you dinner. And I ain’t talking burgers and fries. I’m talking steak, bubba. So that means you can’t get away with the obvious…”a signal around 140kHz charted over 15ms.”

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