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October 2005
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Entrepreneurial Makeup

Ran across this little email received by Evhead. Naveed Ahmed writes in with: I think to be a successful entrepreneur only 3 things matter: 1] A clear vision of where your company is going. 2] Genuine desire and passion to create amazingly great products/services. 3] Strong conviction that your product/service is going to make a […]

Anti-anti RFID

Two weeks ago I wrote about Hiawatha Bray’s article on Katherine Albrecht’s latest screed about RFID. Thankfully someone with significantly better credentials than me has read the book and debunks it. RFID Journal founder and editor Mark Roberti carefully dissects Spychips and points out that Albrecht and Co. shamelessly pander to the paranoid. While it […]

Better Than A Tin Foil Hat

Just in case you think that the Tin Foil Hatters are right, but lack a certain something when it comes to style, check out the products available at the Less EMF Superstore. If you click on the Personal Shielding Devices link on their main page you’ll find everything from boxers to T shirts to baseball […]

Wie DQ

( golf )

If you follow golf you know that Michelle Wie was disqualified for having signed an incorrect scorecard at the LPGA tournament over the weekend. The details of what happened are readily available (see here, here and here). The short version is that a Sports Illustrated writer, Michael Bamberger, was following Wie and her fellow competitor, […]

It’s Alive…It’s Alive

For some inexplicable reason good news for my partners and me usually comes on Fridays, but this week it came a day early. I’ve told some of you that we’ve been collaborating with NASA on a lab project aimed at commercializing a particular technology. I’ve said precious little to anyone about what the technology does, […]

Slow News Day

It must have been a slow news day, since the Boston Globe decided to sic Hiawatha Bray on the tired old RFID paranoia fomented by the two leaders of CASPIAN. Even the normally sane Slashdotters got into the act. It’s clever, all right — and creepy. Because the technology needn’t be applied only to cases […]

Blackberry Service in US To Stop? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Media types ranging from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal to Slashdot are singing the ‘Blackberry is dead’ tune, but that’s premature. Here’s the basic bits: the US Court of Appeals has refused to rehear RIM’s appeal of a District Court’s finding that it had infringed on some of NTP’s patents. An […]