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More Interesting Katrina Information

Posted on Tuesday 6 September 2005

I really need to be focusing on other things but I did find this timeline, by Rick Moran, to be a compelling compilation of information about events in New Orleans. His source for nearly all his points is the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Rick’s research sheds light on many of the events before, during and after the hurricane, and is an excellent source to compare with much of the hyperbole being promulgated as news by most members of the major broadcast and print media.

For example, Sen. Mary Landrieu complained that the President’s visit to New Orleans was merely a staged photo-op. Yet on Sunday, August 28 (before the storm made landfall), she and the other senator from Louisiana, David Vitter, appealed to the President to visit:

Louisiana’s senators thank Bush, urge tour
Louisiana’s U.S. senators – Mary Landrieu and David Vitter – today sent a joint letter to President Bush, thanking him for his declaration of emergency in the state and his public comments urging residents to flee Hurricane Katrina.

They also urged the president “respectfully but in the strongest possible terms to tour the devastated area as soon as practical,” a visit they said would reassure residents that federal agencies are focused on helping the area recover.

So which is it, Sen. Landrieu? Did you invite the President to visit or not? If he wasn’t helping before the storm, why did you thank him? If he had not appeared on Friday would you have thanked him for staying out of the way or blasted him for not showing up? And why are you playing politics while your constituents are in such dire need?

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