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August 2005
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You Should Read This

Regardless of how you feel about the war in Iraq, you should read Michael Yon’s snapshot of operations in Mosul. Harrowing, compelling, stunning. For those of you who oppose the war, consider this small bit: The doctors rolled LTC Kurilla and the terrorist [who’d just shot him] into [the operating room] and our surgeons operated […]

WSJ Optimistic About European 3G

For no apparently reason The Wall Street Journal has picked up on some of the optimism that the European UMTS operators continue to flout. In a Heard on the Street column datelined today the Journal gushes: After years of mishaps and delays, “third generation” wireless technology has finally arrived. And that could be a good […]

Good Product Giggle

From the RFID in Japan blog: Light Bulb Says “I died” Another application of the Fujitsu’s technology (the one used for notifying about lost children) is smart light bulbs. It doesn’t even need a QR code. Some signal is engraved in a contact part of a light bulb. When a light bulb dies, it can […]

Thoughtful Response Instead of Unfettered Outrage

The editor in chief of Ziff-Davis’s Baseline magazine, Tom Steinert-Threlkeld, uses a British union’s Chicken Little response to RFID tags in warehouses to illustrate the weakness of the hysterics’ arguments. (Link) The stated fear is they’ll be tracked every time they take a break or head for the rest room. The unstated fear: Every movement […]

Politics As Usual Here in DC

It’s August, so you just have to laugh at the juveniles the DNC left in charge while everybody else is on vacation. Via a variety of blogs (like this one) we learn that the DNC put out a press release after the White House released the results of the president’s annual physical. Best comment about […]

Punch What?

My first experience with fixing an electromechanical device, and perhaps an explanation for my entire career, came when a friend and I broke the punch card reader at school. We felt obliged to fix it, since it was 3 AM and we weren’t supposed to be in the computer lab in the first place. So […]