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July 2005
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I Can’t Resist

While I generally try not to post items that are merely links to someone else’s writing, I’ll make YA exception today. With the trumped up furor surrounding John Robert’s nomination to the Supreme Court, I laughingly pass along this howler posted on Ace of Spades: “Distracting Us From Rove-a-mania” Update! Lapsed Leftist wonders if Scotty’s […]

Trains vs. Planes

Lileks, simultaneously cheering the imminent demise of New Penn Station and hoping that the New New Penn Station will be as good as the old Penn Station: What to do with Penn Station after the new one’s done? Roll up the concrete trucks, boys. Lower the chutes. Open the sluice gates. Fill it in. That […]

You’ll Have To Take My Word For It

( golf )

Candidly, I was glued to the tube over the weekend, watching the masterful performance that Tiger Woods put on at St. Andrews. While those around him flailed, pouted and succumbed to the pressure he showed that he is once again at the top of his game, and at the top of the golf world. Where […]

Good RFID News

With so many recent stories about RFID being “the mark of the beast” I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight a non-sinister use of RFID for people. VeriChip Corporation…a leading provider of security and identification technology, announced today that its “Hugs” RFID infant protection system has prevented the abduction of a baby at Presbyterian […]

I’m Not The Only Optimist In The Crowd

OK, I know I’ve been accused of a Pollyannish level of optimism regarding the tech-driven economy, but now I’ve got serious company: Forrester Research. In a research report published at the end of June Christopher Mines and his collaborators say that the fourth wave of the tech economy (after mainframes, PCs, and networked computing as […]

Don’t Watch If You Like Hillary

Otherwise known as Why We Love The Interweb, part 25. I can’t wait until 2008!

Dvorak Incites Screaming Meemies

Man, I love a good paranoiac, which is just what John Dvorak has become. In the early days of personal computers he was a widely read and widely respected columnist. His insights were good, and his cynicism was generally low. But recently he has jumped the shark. (Of course, it may be me who has […]

Wireless Nation

What many of us have felt for some time is now official: as of the end of 2004 there are more cellular phones than land lines in service in the United States. According to this FCC report, which examines the state of local phone company competition, there are now 177.9M land lines in service and […]

What A Privilege

I had the pleasure of watching as my friend and business partner, Nick Gustavsson, took his oath of allegiance to the United States on Friday at the US courthouse in Baltimore. It was both moving and frustrating at the same time. For the most part the INS folks did a fine job working through the […]