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The Week Ahead

Posted on Sunday 5 June 2005

It’s one of the busiest, and one of my favorite, weeks of the year. Not only is the PGA Tour in town this week, but we’re working at the Congo instead of Avenel. Our baby graduates from high school on Saturday; the Bub will be home, and Susan and Mark are coming in for the occasion, too. Plus the kitchen will mostly be finished this week, save for the floors, and the outside stuff will reach the halfway point.

Monday: Booz Allen Classic Stableford Pro-Am. Electricians, HVAC, plumbers et al. return to make the kitchen fuctional. Landscapers return to continue The Outside Project.

Tuesday: Booz Allen Classic practice round. Dinner for parents of graduating seniors.

Wednesday: Booz Allen Classic Pro Am; the longest day of the week, about 11 hours.

Thursday: Booz Allen Classic first round.

Friday: Booz Allen Classic second round. Monthly golf articles due. Bub arrives home, Susan and Mark arrive for the weekend. Dinner out in preparation for Saturday.

Saturday: Booz Allen Classic third round. Alex graduates. Graduation dinner and party to follow. Saturday of the PGA Tour event is not usually and emotional event for me. I expect major meltdown around 3:00PM.

Sunday: Booz Allen Classic final round. JT returns to school, Susan and Mark return to Montana. Collapse approximately 8:00PM.

Oh, and in the meantime we’re trying to get some major stuff done for the First Tee. So it’s my sincere hope that you’ll understand if I don’t respond within minutes to your email and/or phone calls.

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