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Project Status

Posted on Thursday 2 June 2005

From the If-It-Ain’t-One-Thing-It’s-Another Department:

old kitchen_thumbnail.jpegThe kitchen project is wrapping up, or so sayeth our contractor. The cabinets are in and installed, the appliances are here but not yet installed, the countertops come tomorrow, the electrician is supposed to finish his bits today and the plumber is supposed to come Monday to wrap up his work. The last thing will be to sand, stain and seal the floor. We may be able to get it all done and be up and running by the end of next week. That’d be good, since JT is coming home, Susan and Mark are coming for the weekend, and Alex is graduating. (There are some more pictures of what we started with here.)

With the promise of soon being able to actually use a quarter of our first floor, and since we seem to have a penchant for contractors, the landscaping started this morning. Everything that is currently growing on the property is going and the backyard will actually be usable instead of being a gallery of weed specimens.

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