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June 2005
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Both Sides Now – RIM and NTP

I’m tempted to think that the RIM-NTP patent drama might just last until I retire. Last week I noted that RIM had gone back to court asking that NTP be forced to abide by the terms RIM thought it had negotiated in settlement talks in March. The US PTO added a twist by rejecting claims […]

Yes, We’ve All Wanted To Witness This

From Lileks: Café, afternoon. Waiting for Gnat’s class to finish, working on a column. I have my headphones on; all hail iTunes radio, because the lady at the adjacent table is yelling into her cell phone. She does not realize that she is compensating for the lack of auditory feedback you get with normal phones. […]

Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations

The only problem with Michael Hyatt’s article about PowerPoint is that too many people won’t read it, and too many of those who do read it won’t heed his advice. PowerPoint can be a wonderful tool if used correctly. It can also be a dangerous distraction that interferes with communication rather than facilitating it. In […]

4 Ring Circus

All the contractors are rushing to finish their various jobs around here this week. We’re understandably weary of being able to see, but not use, thousands of dollars worth of new cabinets, counters and appliances in the kitchen; the only thing left to do is finish the floor. It got sanded and stained yesterday, and […]

Interesting Week for RIM

Collars might have be a bit constricting in Waterloo last week. On Monday Microsoft announced that it would release an update to Exchange and Windows Mobile which would make it significantly easier for users to access email, calendars and contacts via wireless networks and client devices. Microsoft has made other moves in this area, but […]

Back From The Congo

( golf )

What a wonderful week. Starting last Monday at about 11:30AM I spent 52.5 hours on Congressional’s golf course, Alex graduated on Saturday, the Bub was home for the weekend, plus our old and dear friends Susan and Mark were in town to help us celebrate. I’m slowly digging out from under the mountain of stuff […]

The Week Ahead

It’s one of the busiest, and one of my favorite, weeks of the year. Not only is the PGA Tour in town this week, but we’re working at the Congo instead of Avenel. Our baby graduates from high school on Saturday; the Bub will be home, and Susan and Mark are coming in for the […]

Project Status

From the If-It-Ain’t-One-Thing-It’s-Another Department: The kitchen project is wrapping up, or so sayeth our contractor. The cabinets are in and installed, the appliances are here but not yet installed, the countertops come tomorrow, the electrician is supposed to finish his bits today and the plumber is supposed to come Monday to wrap up his work. […]