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May 2005
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Nokia 770

Nokia’s announcement of a new handheld, the 770 Internet Tablet, has gotten a lot of play since Wednesday. It’s the first Nokia device in recent memory which isn’t a phone or doesn’t include a phone module. And it is also based on neither a Microsoft nor Symbian OS, but on Linux. The handheld unit has […]

TV On Your Handset

A broad market for video on cellular handsets has yet to appear despite being heavily hyped, first in Europe with the launch of UMTS networks and more recently in the US by Verizon Wireless. A new report by Jupiter Research show why: it’s only because the price is too high, the coverage too weak, and […]

Été en Paris

Telegraph: A Norwegian man has died after his parachute became stuck on an upper deck of the Eiffel Tower, officials have said. Early investigations indicated the man planned to film his jump as part of publicity for a Norwegian clothing brand, police added. I don’t know why my cynicism factor is so high today.

Thought Leaders

A phrase that becomes more irritating each time I hear it (which is much more often these days) is “thought leader”. The University of Maryland is using the phrase in local radio ads touting its MBA program and I’ve read it and heard it in a number of other places recently. If the people who […]

The Poor Man’s Kevin Warwick?

A couple of years ago I found myself with an open afternoon in London; I visited the London Science Museum and happened into a lecture on a variety of topics given by Kevin Warwick. I spoke to him for some time after the lecture and bought his book, which detailed his experiments, including implanting an […]

Say Buddy, You Got Any Fire Insurance?

From today’s Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Corp. said it plans to offer consumers a “computer health” service this year as it seeks to protect its customers from an onslaught of computer viruses and other attacks… Microsoft intends to charge an annual subscription fee for the service, which is designed to provide home-computer users with an […]

Mac OS X “Tiger”

Lest you think that I’m a total Apple apologist, I have a complaint about the new version of the Mac OS. Yes, Tiger’s gorgeous, yes it’s fast, yes the new features are terrific, but in one area Apple has taken a step backwards. Mac OS X was one of the first PC operating systems to […]

Sony Wireless Notebook

Sony announced an interesting new notebook that adds EDGE to more familiar wireless options. I believe this is the first time that a manufacturer has incorporated EDGE into a computer, although Panasonic and other have been building notebooks with other WWAN options for years now. The new device offers WPAN (Bluetooth), WLAN (802.11b/g) and WWAN […]

And This Is Why We Love Our Country

Following recent events in the news about the US State Department rethinking its mandate for RFID chips in passports comes word that the California legislature is moving forward with a bill which would limit RFID use by California government agencies. The bill…would prohibit the use of radio-frequency identification, or RFID, chips in state identity documents […]