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April 2005
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My spam filters are working pretty well, but a new variant on the Nigerian Scam slipped through this morning. Before I proceed, may I humbly introduce myself to your good self, My Name is Mr.Usman Bello, an Iraqi refugee ,my Father was until recently, one of the personal aid to the president of Iraq who […]

RIM Profile in WSJ

The Wall Street Journal ran a nice profile of RIM on Monday. What’s unusual is that, unlike many accounts of the early days of technology companies, this one is surprisingly accurate. “We used to have contests to see who could send e-mail from the strangest places,” Mr. [Bill] Frezza says. He sent one message from […]

Nyah nyah

OK, I admit that this is a bit childish, and could be considered a dare among certain constituencies. But one of the reasons that I run my servers on Macs is that they are a) simple to admin and b) simple to lock down. Take, f’r’instance, the old problem of open relays. I characterize it […]

Let Me Help With That Viral Marketing Campaign…

( golf )

Back to Tiger’s unbelievable chip-in at the Masters. www.howdiditgoin.com For a marketer’s take on the site read this post by Joe Jaffe. Pretty spot on analysis. One thing that Jaffe doesn’t mention, however, is that the voicever in the doctored clips, which sounds like it was done by Vern Lundquist, is not what was broadcast […]

First Blame The Victim

Network integration is extremely difficult, even when you’ve got similar infrastructure. (Are you listening, Nextel and Sprint?) I’m sure that Bill Hogg has his hands full trying to build a single decent network out of Cingular’s and AT&T’s old systems. I apparently was caught up in some sort of migration issue yesterday and Thursday. The […]

When Will I Stop Learning This Lesson?

Which lesson, you ask? That the staff in cellular retail stores are reasonably good at new activations and terrible at just about anything else, except appearing helpful. I’ve written before about my misadventures with Cingular retail; consider this an addendum. JT’s CDMA phone is on its last legs and his plan is expensive. So I […]

Some Surprises at The First Tee

( golf )

Bill Scott flattered me by asking me to join the board of The First Tee of Washington; I accepted without hesitation. The organization has been running programs in Washington since 1999, and has an outstanding staff; they are dedicated, thoughtful, responsive and constantly looking for ways to improve the program and to reach more kids. […]

Germans Invent Smart Cards for Mass Transit

OK, my cynicism’s showing again. According to this story in InfoWorld transportation authorities in Germany have begun testing a system that allows passengers to use contactless smart cards to pay fares. T-Systems International, the IT services and infrastructure arm of German telco Deutsche Telekom, has developed an e-ticketing system in collaboration with the German Mass […]

RIM Co-CEO Seeds The Market

From this Reuters story: BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd.may just be in the early stages of its growth even though its wireless e-mail device is now the world’s most popular, its co-chief executive said on Monday. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said he believes growth prospects are strong because wireless data is by far the best […]

Phones in Flight

Now that the FCC is seriously reconsidering their restrictions on wireless devices in flight frequent fliers, flight attendants and pilots are lining up against removing the current ban. But their positions may be akin to throwing the baby out with the bath water. Certainly none of us wants to sit next to a loud and […]