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About that Dallas thing

Posted on Wednesday 2 March 2005

Why am I in Dallas for an RFID show, and who are John and Nick? Well, we are the three founders of the technology startup that’s been cooking for a while now. John Casey and I first met 20 or so years ago, when I was doing some product and channel management for MCI Mail and he was doing product and business development. He later started a group called Venture Mentors and invited me to join and share my ‘wisdom and experience’ with startups. So much for Casey’s judgment.

Nick Gustavsson was the CTO for one of the startups, ReachNet, on whose advisory board I served for a couple of years until they were acquired. He arrived in the US from Sweden on this date in 1985, and is a pilot, businessman, programmer and engineer.

What we’re working on, in a nutshell, is commercializing some patented advanced signal processing techniques by applying them to various radio systems. Like RFID. 🙂

I realize that’s sketchy, but it’ll have to do for the moment.

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