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March 2005
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RIM Settles With NTP

In a stunning reversal of its previous stance, Research In Motion settled its patent lawsuits with NTP yesterday, agreeing to pay US$450M in exchange for a license to use and further sublicense technology covered by NTP’s patents. The move will clear the way for the launch of products from other manufacturers who have licensed RIM’s […]

There is Hope

The move has been more exhausting that I’d thought, and frankly the sheer number of boxes is depressing. JT and I made yet another series of runs between Rannoch Road, the dump and 45th Street yesterday and I thought that if I had to load my truck one more time and move one more thing […]

We’re In

The move is more or less done. Nearly all our belongings have made it to 45th Street and only a few remain behind. JT and I moved the remainder of the workshop yesterday and the garage stuff today. The servers are still at Rannoch Road, and I’ll move them either Tuesday or Wednesday. The move […]

Moving Schedule

Well, the time has finally come to finish packing and move to the new house. We’ll be taking the LAN down on Thursday so generally we’ll be unavailable by email until sometime late Friday or Saturday. The server is staying put until after the LAN is up and running at the new place, then we’ll […]

QOTD from the RFID show

One of the problems that plagues RFID is that the RF parts of the system don’t work very well. Given the low TX power the RF links are subject to interference from many sources. This results in low ‘read rates;’ in laymen’s terms, it means that only a percentage of RFID tags can be read […]

About that Dallas thing

Why am I in Dallas for an RFID show, and who are John and Nick? Well, we are the three founders of the technology startup that’s been cooking for a while now. John Casey and I first met 20 or so years ago, when I was doing some product and channel management for MCI Mail […]

We’re In Dallas

John, Nick and I have arrived in Dallas for the RFID World show…more after we get settled…