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February 2005
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Number Portability (Or Not)

With moving from Maryland to the District coming up in a couple of weeks I’ve been looking for a way to save my office phone number, which I’ve had for over 10 years. People around the world have it and I’m loathe to change it just because I’m moving into a new area code. So […]

Editor Discovers Push Wireless Email Seven Years Late

My pals in the Mobitex world will love this one. Ed Hardy, editor in chief of handheld Web site Brighthand, has discovered what many of us found out in late 1997: that push email on a mobile device with a keyboard can be a killer application. He reviews the rise and fall of the PDA […]

Three Quick Tales from 45th Street

The old kitchen had a range which is reasonably new and in pretty good shape, so rather than junk it I called the PG County chapter of Habitat for Humanity. They said they’d send a driver and truck to pick up the stove and maybe the fridge, which is older but still works. They didn’t […]

Busy Busy Busy

Yeah, I know, that’s a poor excuse. But the 45th Street project has had me hopping, as has our little startup. We’re moving to 45th Street two weeks from tomorrow, so you can imagine the state of our current house, my office and what’s left of my mind. Most of the renovation work is complete, […]


( hockey )

Gary Bettman finally got his wish, although I doubt he’ll admit he had it. Now that the owners have cancelled the season perhaps they will examine the strategy which have led the NHL to the brink of extinction. Bettman convinced the owners that they could quickly expand into southern cities with no hockey history or […]

Government Not Run Amok

In this post I quoted an article in The Telegraph that stated that women in Germany could be forced to take a job in a brothel or risk losing unemployment benefits. Turns out that I, along with a few others, was taken in. Snopes has refuted the story as urban myth. I keep learning two […]

Apple Pre-Mac Prices

As much as I hate the process of moving I recognize that there are benefits. For example, Gigi found this old Apple price list in our files. The price list is dated September 1, 1980, and I was considering buying our first computer. Based on my notes on page 4 of the list, we were […]

I Just Can’t Resist Saying It

An article in The Wall Street Journal notes that UMTS services available in Europe bear little resemblance to what was touted. And this is a surprise to whom? But today, most of the 3G networks in Europe and some in the U.S. run at less than one-sixth of that theoretical speed. Cellphone service providers now […]


MCI, the company whose existence essentially led to the breakup of Ma Bell into AT&T and the Baby Bells, agreed to be bought by one of the remaining Baby Bells, Verizon, for $6.75B in cash and stock. MCI, which in recent years became better known for committing the largest accounting fraud in US history, will […]

Galapagos Departure Pictures

Allan Fox asked me where he could find the pictures I took when the Field group left for the Galapagos. I posted them here on my .Mac site. I also took a few pictures tonight when the group returned; I’ll post them as soon as I get a few minutes to go through them… [Update] […]