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January 2005
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Government Run Amok

When the Germans legalized prostitution a couple of years ago they allowed brothel operators to recruit ‘sex workers’ from the official lists of job seekers. And under German law unemployed workers who refuse legitimate offers of employment can lose unemployment benefits. So what happens when a young unemployed waitress refuses a job in a brothel? […]

Testing CSS Elements

Just to prove that I’m geeky enough to be looked at oddly I’m fooling around with the look of my main blog by adding some shading and lines to quoted articles. I also changed the line spacing and font color slightly. Unless you were born in the past week, you’ve heard about podcasting, the new […]

Cingular-ATTWS Integration Hits Home

Certainly not earth-shattering nor unexpected, but my phone changed yesterday. See? There, where it used to say “AT&T Wireless” it now says “Cingular”. The billing changed a couple of months ago, and I’d been wondering how long it would take them to get around to changing the network banner. Happened yesterday, while I was at […]

Inauguration Film

New York film maker Evan Coyne Maloney interviewed some protesters at last week’s inauguration and compiled a short film that’s worth watching. Especially if the word “moonbat” is a part of your vocabulary.

Twists and Turns in the RIM Patent Suit

Late in December a new party surfaced in the patent suit between NTP and RIM: Computer Leasco (CLI). [soap opera soundtrack] According to one account Thomas Campana founded an engineering company in the early 1970s and contracted in the mid-1980s to do work for a paging company called Telefind. Telefind went bankrupt in 1991, and […]

RFID Privacy Bat

I generally think that the Tin Foil Hatters are hysterical when it comes to most privacy concerns. That’s not to say that there are no privacy issues associated with RFID, but the stance of CASPIAN and other similar groups is extreme. But then again, idiot marketers seem to be going out of their way to […]

Mac Birthday, and Another Birthday

As a certified (certifiable?) Mac geek I am compelled to note that 21 years ago today Apple announced the Mac using what has arguably become the most famous ad ever shown during the Super Bowl. And as a very proud father, I am further compelled to note that The Bub was unveiled 20 years ago […]

Any Port in a Storm?

The New York Times notes that RIM has told the US court overseeing its ongoing patent suit with NTP that US patent laws should not apply since RIM is headquartered in Canada and its main email switch is located there. The Canadian government has also filed a brief in the case, as has Earthlink, who […]

What Did He Mean By That?

I’ll find the exact quote later, but the minister who gave the closing benediction at the Inauguration prayed for, among other things, ‘clean financial statements.’ Go figure.

What Media Bias?

In the two weeks leading up to Thursday’s inauguration the Washington Post has returned to its recent ways of subtly or overtly impugning conservatives. The cover story on last week’s Weekend section was a story about the inauguration festivities titled “They’re Back,” featuring a picture of the President and First Lady taken from the rear, […]