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December 2004
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So Which Is It?

America is bad because our military and economic strength has made us too influential in world affairs, but America is also bad because we didn’t react fast enough, or promise enough (how silly!) when the tsunami hit. So which is it? Should we be strong or not? The government of Sri Lanka refused help from […]

Oh Please

DoCoMo is leading a group of wireless infrastructure providers and network operators to develop YA (yet another) wireless standard. According to this Reuters story, which is getting picked up all over the place, the new protocol set will be called “Super 3G” [Gee, I wonder whatever happened to DoCoMo’s 4G initiative? -JB]. Super 3G will […]

GPS On Tour

Something interesting happened in golf a couple of weeks ago and I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more discussion of it in the golf press. The AP picked up the story, but that’s been about it. In a nutshell, a small tour based in Texas, the Tight Lies Tour, has signed a deal under which […]

OK, I’ll Give

Why would one need (or want) a network to play solitaire? Welcome to NetSolitaire. It is a solitaire game for MacOS X featuring networked game play, randomly choosen background images, card transparency, and other nifty features.

iPhone? iCall? iCell? iMoto?

I haven’t owned a Motorola handset in quite a while; lots on Ericssons, Nokias, and even an old Panasonic TDMA thing (which was a terrific phone, btw). But this little blurb on Forbes.com might get me to mosey back to Moto: NEW YORK – Apple Computer and Motorola could soon show us the mobile phone […]

Appeals Court Sides Mostly With NTP

The US Court of Appeals upheld most of the decisions reached by the district court in the patent infringement lawsuit brought against RIM by NTP. The appeals court did, however, say the lower court erred in one area key to several infringement claims. In light of this error the appeals court set aside the monetary […]

Sprint-Nextel Deal

The two companies’ boards have unanimously approved a merger that will create the third-largest US wireless operator and spin off Sprint’s local telco operations. The combined company will be led by a blended management team and will have a market cap of US$70B. The companies said they expect the deal to close in mid-2005, and […]


Our secondary name servers are under a DDOS which started yesterday. The hosting company is attempting to fix it, but so far they’re still down. ๐Ÿ™ [12:27PM EST] It’s clearing, but it’s not completely normal yet. [3:23PM EST] All cleared up now. But my DNS provider is now getting hammered on a different one of […]

I Just Don’t Get It

The potential Sprint-Nextel merger, that is. Considered from the business perspective, Sprint is a wireless company with decent spectrum, a mediocre network, a mediocre management team and a customer base dominated by consumers. They still are the third-largest long distance company in the US as well as an operator of a variety of local telco […]


To criticise a person for their race is manifestly irrational and ridiculous but to criticise their religion – that is a right. That is a freedom. The freedom to criticise ideas – any ideas even if they are sincerely held beliefs – is one of the fundamental freedoms of society. And the law which attempts […]