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November 2004
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Trypotophan Antidote

From the God-I-Love-The-Internet Dept.: Also useful for deflecting microwaves, RF emissions from the CIA as well as instructions from evil alien invaders. (Click the picture for complete details.) Be sure not to miss the full page of testimonials.

Follow Up In Philly

In September I noted that Philadelphia plans to deploy 802.11b across the entire city and make the service available for free to certain segments of the population. I also said that the incumbent wireless operators might not think competing with the city for customers was that good an idea. I guess they failed to convince […]

Whine Merchants

Part of Wolf Blitzer’s show on Sunday included a panel of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat from California, Al Franken, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-IL) and Congressman Mark Frost (D-TX). Sanchez and Jackson were reelected earlier this month; Frost lost his race. During a discussion of what Democrats are doing wrong, as evidenced by their […]

NBA: Your Crop Is In

I have been watching the Pacers-Pistons brawl fallout with morbid fascination, and frankly have been willing to condemn Artest and the rest of the players involved as punks. The on-court action that eventually precipitated the mini-riot was overblown and contrived; Artest’s recline on the scorer’s table was just an inappropriate pose; and the players who […]

Changing Vernacular

My BlackBerry buzzed all during lunch, but I was deeply engaged in conversation about our startup, so I let it buzz away, silently. As we left the restaurant I checked to see what was so urgent. Turns out it was this blog, letting me know that some scumbag had launched a raft of comment spam. […]


I was cleaning out some old folders and ran across this, which still applies. Today, however, it would be published in a “Wireless for Dummies” book and sold for $24.95. The wireless telegraph is not difficult to understand. The ordinary telegraph is like a very long cat. You pull the tail in New York, and […]

Decent Article, Awful Lead

My old pals in the Mobitex world are probably pretty happy about the article in Electronics Weekly that was published today. A reasonably good survey of the current state of affairs, although it somehow managed to omit mentioning the recent sale of the largest Mobitex network. Nevertheless, good quotes from Andrew, Kevin, Dirk and a […]

Ho Hum…Vodafone Launches 3G

I’m sure that they’re excited, at least, but the rest of the world may not have noticed. Vodafone launched its UMTS services in 13 countries yesterday, including the UK and Japan, using ten handset models from various vendors. The company’s CEO said it was “payback time” for the huge investment they have made in UMTS […]

No-Star Game

( hockey )

The NHL has cancelled the 2005 All-Star Game, originally scheduled for Atlanta in February. This AP article notes that the last time there was a lockout in hockey (1994) it ended in January, 1995, and the ensuing season lasted 48 games. This year’s lockout started September 15 and the two sides have not met since […]

Best Line So Far

From Roger Morrow: First President Bush was misunderestimated. Now he has been unredefeated.