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August 2004
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Aether Sells Last Remaining Wireless Business

Aether Systems has agreed to sell its mobile government division to Minnesota-based BIO-key International for US$10M in cash. The deal, which BIO-key said it will finance with existing cash and new debt, bring Aether’s mobile government annual revenue of $19M plus $4.5M in working capital. BIO-key will also assume over $10M in performance guarantees to […]

You Have to Laugh at His Clumsiness

John Kerry said this about deer hunting: “I go out with my trusty 12-gauge double-barrel, crawl around on my stomach. I track and move and decoy and play games and try to outsmart them. You know, you kind of play the wind. That’s hunting.” No, Mr. Kerry, that’s not hunting, that’s balderdash. My guess? He’s […]

RIM and Sprint Strike Deal on BlackBerry

RIM and Sprint have struck a deal for Sprint to resell BlackBerry, according to a press release issued today. Financial terms and actual product and service availability were not released, nor were specific information about handhelds, devices or end-user pricing. All in all, the companies said, in essence, “We’ll have something for you later this […]

Sayonara Palm.Net

Last month I noted that PalmOne had offered to sell me a Treo 600 to replace my i705 Mobitex handheld; I said at the time that the end of Palm.Net must be at hand. Yesterday that prediction proved true as PalmOne announced that the service will be turned off at the end of August. The […]

They Must Not Have Much Else to Argue About

A story published by the Associated Press on Saturday chastised a Florida congressman for checking messages on his BlackBerry during commercial breaks of a televised debate. According to the AP Rep. Peter Deutsch, who is running for the Democratic nomination for a Florida Senate seat, read two messages sent by his political consultant. The story […]

Al-Jezeera On Your Handset

From the Anything-For-Money Department comes word that Vodafone’s operating subsidiary in Egypt has signed a deal to provide Al-Jezeera’s alerts on customers handsets. Vodafone Egypt’s CEO said, “[Vodafone] exclusively offers pioneer services such as this one. We are always working to find advanced solutions that save customers’ time and effort and provide them with a […]


Cingular issued a press release earlier this week advertising that they will now help their customer gracefully, if fraudulently, exit uncomfortable social situations. Cingular Wireless has taken its Voice Connect service where no other wireless carrier has dared to tread with “Escape-a-Date”… “Escape-A-Date” is the perfect service to use when you are afraid that your […]

I’m Just Going to Say This Once

Has anyone noticed that John Kerry’s candidacy is now longer than his tour of duty in Viet Nam? Forget the Swift Boat Vets and whatever other brouhaha turns up; why would we elect a man based on a four month period in his life? Perhaps a better question is this: why would a man with […]

Hutchison Sells Half Interest in Australian Network to Telstra

Hutchison, who until now has shown a great propensity to go it alone in its 3G markets, has sold 50% of its 3G business in Australia to Telstra for A$450M. Under the terms of the agreement Telstra will also pay A$114M in capital costs into the business and will share the cost of expanding the […]

Cingular Unveils New Wireless Email Service for Treo 600

Cingular has announced a new service based on technology from Seven which will provide an alternative to similar services the carrier deploys on RIM’s BlackBerry platform and Good Technology’s GoodLink software. The new service, dubbed Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition, allows customers to allow their users to access their corporate email […]