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BlackBerry Sync for Mac Users

Posted on Friday 20 August 2004

The developers at PocketMac have released what many of us die-hard (and virus- and trojan-free) Mac users have wanted for years: synchronization software for RIM’s BlackBerry handhelds.

PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs Microsoft’s Entourage contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with Blackberry devices; it will also sync Now Contact and Up-To-Date or Apple’s Address Book, iCal and Stickies note pad with the handhelds. The software is completely integrated with Apple’s iSync synchronization utility or will sync BlackBerry using PocketMac’s own sync engine.

While this software isn’t perfect (it doesn’t sync email of any kind with any Mac email program) it will certainly make it easier for those of us who eschew Windows to better integrate BlackBerry into our daily routines.

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