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August 2004
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This Is Closer to Ericsson’s Core Mission

Ericsson announced that it has landed a contract from Faroese Telecom to upgrade the existing GSM network to include both GPRS and EDGE. The Faroe Islands is an 18-island archipelago which lies northeast of Scotland and approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland. According to the tourist board the islands had a population of 48,100 in […]

Ericsson to Shutter Bluetooth Group

Ericsson, the inventor of Bluetooth, announced that they are closing down the group which develops and promotes the technology, all the while insisting that the company is “not pulling back from Bluetooth.” The head of the Technology Licensing Group, Johan Åkesson, said that licensing revenues from Bluetooth do not justify a separate division. “Even though […]

UM B-School Hands Out BlackBerries

The business school at the University of Maryland has accepted a gift of 400 or so BlackBerry handhelds from Nextel and will equip its students, faculty and some staff members with the devices. The university will pick up the cost of data services but the students will be expected to pay for voice traffic, presumably […]

What Campaign Finance Reform Hath Wrought

Now that the granddaddy of all 527s, MoveOn.org, is set to debut its 12 anti-Bush ads shot/produced/written/starred in by various Hollywood glitterati, I wonder if John Kerry will denounce them specifically. A celebrity-saturated effort to defeat the president kicks into high gear tonight in New York with a premiere featuring music by Moby, the Roots […]

Can You Drive (Safely) and Talk at the Same Time?

A new study released by the American Enterprise Institute-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies reinforces the concept that driving while phoning is not as dangerous as previously thought. The institute surveyed 7,000 people and found that previous studies have overstated the dangers of having a phone conversation while motoring and have misled some governments into […]

RFID at the Concession Stand

Late last month I wrote about RFID, and how I think that it will be an important technology trend over the next few years. Apparently I’m not alone, since both the National Football League and McDonalds have jumped on the bandwagon (joining other large organizations such as Wal-Mart, FedEx and the Department of Defense): Contactless […]

BlackBerry Sync for Mac Users

The developers at PocketMac have released what many of us die-hard (and virus- and trojan-free) Mac users have wanted for years: synchronization software for RIM’s BlackBerry handhelds. PocketMac BlackBerry Edition syncs Microsoft’s Entourage contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with Blackberry devices; it will also sync Now Contact and Up-To-Date or Apple’s Address Book, iCal and […]

Hutchison Covers UMTS Losses With Exceptional Income

Hutchison Whampoa continues to cover mounting losses from its 3G cellular businesses by selling other assets. The company reported a net profit for the first half of the year of HK$12.5B on revenues of $81B. But Hutch also booked $15.1B in exceptional income, including the sale of a joint venture with Proctor & Gamble which […]

FOMA in Athens – Just Kidding

I wonder who’ll take the heat for this one. Last month NTT DoCoMo issued a press release saying it would provide temporary 3G service in Athens for the convenience of its customers who travel there. NTT DoCoMo, Inc. announced today that it will set up temporary 3G FOMA® base stations in Athens, Greece from July […]

2009 – The Year of Wireless Data

Strategy Analytics predicts that cellular data service will triple in revenue to US$189B by 2009 from an estimated $61B worldwide this year. SA’s press release about their new report contains a segment analysis predicting that 46% of all data revenue will generated by messaging service while 36% will come from entertainment and personalization. Only 4% […]