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Welcome to the Booze Alien Classick

Posted on Tuesday 22 June 2004

Sign as you approach the entrance to the TPC at Avenel this week:


Other tidbits from today:

  • The skybox at #17 tee is now fully enclosed and air conditioned. That should help cut down on the noise quite a bit.

  • The bleacher seats on the hill next to the pavillion tent now have plastic backs and seats. They should be more comfortable than the wood benches but they’ll also be hot as all getout.
  • Tomorrow is the ‘big’ pro-am. 1 and 10 tees starting at 7AM. It’s going to be a long day for marshals.
  • I’m hoping that the thundershowers that are rolling through here now don’t make the parking lots too muddy. We had to deal with that last year, and it is a total pain. Not to mention a huge mess.

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