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Pro-Am Day

Posted on Tuesday 22 June 2004

Yesterday was the first of two pro-am events at the Booz Allen Classic. The good news is that the ams seemed to enjoy themselves when they weren’t hitting horrendous shots. Many of the pros seemed to be using the time for practice and didn’t mix much with their groups. The ams payed about $1500 each for the privilege of playing in a fivesome with a pro, and spending about 6 and a half hours doing it.

Other tidbits:

  • Tommy Tolles showed up with green hair. He wove an elaborate tale about the only good looking woman in his small town being a hairdresser.

  • Matt Hendricks, who is making his debut on the PGA Tour this week, is a wonderfully nice young man who hit it to about 4 feet on #17, then sank the putt to give his team a nice birdie.
  • At the moment the official listing of the field on the PGA Tour Web site has a player named “null null”.
  • Kent Jones hit the flagstick on 17 with his tee shot. He hit the stick so solidly that the ball caromed backwards toward the tee and nearly wound up in the water in front. Made a nice 3, though. As the Cleveland rep said at the time, “Rarely does a well-struck shot that hits the flag wind up being any good.”
  • Had a nice chat with Olin Browne, who grew up here in Washington. His kids went to the prep school in Florida run by Jack Thompson, who taught me history in 8th grade. Jack’s son Jeff is a mutual friend of Olin’s and mine.

Today is a practice round for the pros, and then a clinic for local juniors.

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