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Pro Am Day II

Posted on Thursday 24 June 2004

The schedule for marshals has a note next to Wednesday; the complete text is “(Long day)”. No kidding. The first group got to 17 at the same time I did, 8:30AM. The last group left 17 tee at 7:35PM.

Ray Pate took Low Columbia Member honors with a nice birdie, having stuck his tee shot to about 8 feet. Tim Brant made a nice par from the lower level of the green; his tee shot would have been perfect on Sunday.

I was watching the ever-lengthening list of “Official (whatever) Company of the PGA Tour” scroll by on the scoreboards yesterday, and took notes. The Tour now has official energy, hotel and resort, insurance, healthcare, door window and millwork, beer, soft drink, payment system, wireless services, car, rental car, chauffered transportation, airline, private aviation solutions, document services, timekeeper, arthritis pain reliever, back pain therapy, shipping company, investment firm, professional services, ShotLink provider, information technology provider and natural energy bar companies. Not to mention Cialis and Crestor.

Oh, and my favorite: “Canon, the official copier, printer, fax, multifunctional, camera, scanner and binocular company of the PGA Tour.”

Gentlemen, play away please.

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