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June 2004
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Pro-Am Day

( golf )

Yesterday was the first of two pro-am events at the Booz Allen Classic. The good news is that the ams seemed to enjoy themselves when they weren’t hitting horrendous shots. Many of the pros seemed to be using the time for practice and didn’t mix much with their groups. The ams payed about $1500 each […]

Back in the 950 Family

Last Monday I wrote about my difficult decision to cancel my interactive messaging service. I lamented Cingular’s customer service approach to my particular case but my real angst came from the symbolism that the act of cancelling represented. After all, I spent a decade in the Mobitex world and filled up three passports (with extra […]

It’s Booz Allen Week

( golf )

I won’t be spending much time at the keyboard this week, since the Booz Allen Classic is here. I’ll be at the 17th hole most of the time with our marshalling team. Stop by and say hello.

WSJ: US FCC Plans 1.9GHz Spectrum Auction in January

According to an unattributed article in today’s Wall Street Journal the US FCC plans to auction 234 spectrum licenses in the 1.9GHz band in January. The licenses include 155 that were originally won at auction by NextWave. The big cellular companies will be the most likely bidders; the auction could produce revenues in the billions […]

UMTS Battery Life

Amid the ever-growing haystack of hype about 3G cellular one needs to focus on the needles of fact. While the UMTS operators and spectrum licensees would have us focus on multimedia applications (of which the early adopters have shown little appreciation) I will risk sounding like a broken record (skipping CD?) to point out that […]

Fiction From Howard Dean

According to this article at Broadcasting & Cable Howard Dean would have us deny what many saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears. Howard Dean said the scream speech “never happened,” and that its repetition more than 900 times in the following week showed cable “at its worst” and revealed cable news as a […]

Nokia Licenses Patents From NTP

Nokia, who licensed BlackBerry technology from RIM some time ago, has now licensed five patents at the heart of a patent infringement case from NTP. Four of the patents are part of RIM’s appeal, heard by the court last week. Nokia has designed at least one handset incorporating BlackBerry technology but has not launched it […]

More Evidence

I’m down to one working Mobitex device because my second RIM 950 died. I still have my trusty Palm i705; I must be one of the few who are still using one. I was working for Jim Hobbs at BellSouth the day that RAM Mobile Data launched its interactive paging service. In fact, I received […]

…And the Operators Will Count It As Data Revenue

The wireless tie in to the weekend’s elections in Europe is this: the office of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi sent out millions of SMS messages to Italian voters Friday night, timed so they would see them before they went to the polls on Saturday. Press reports put the number of messages between 30 and 60 […]

Can’t Help Myself

Thought I’d do my part to help promote the latest kiss-and-tell blockbuster.