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Fiction From Howard Dean

Posted on Tuesday 15 June 2004

According to this article at Broadcasting & Cable Howard Dean would have us deny what many saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears.

Howard Dean said the scream speech “never happened,” and that its repetition more than 900 times in the following week showed cable “at its worst” and revealed cable news as a “Murdochized” entertainment medium, not journalism.

…Dean told a crowd of broadcasters in Washington Monday morning that all the cable networks showed of the speech following his loss in Iowa was “me at a microphone carrying on. No crowd noise or crowd shot,” that would have shown that the crowd was screaming and Dean was trying to make himself heard. None of the pool reporters reported the scream initially, he said. It was only the next day, when their editors saw it, with the noise-canceling mike making Dean stand out, that it became a story. “The speech as it was portrayed in cable television shows 937 times in one week “never happened,” he said.

So it was the microphone’s fault? That’s such a load of fertilizer that it’s laughable. I happened to be watching MSNBC (which hardly represents the right wing on cable) at that moment, and there was a wide shot of the crowd in front of Dean, who had just come on stage. As Dean got his rant rolling (“and Michigan, and then we’re going to Washington, DC, to take back the White House” followed by the howl) the camera zoomed in so that by the time he finished off with the howl Dean was the main object in the picture. Not only was the crowd noise very evident (listen for yourself – the Quicktime sound file is here) but Chris Matthews and his panel picked up on it right away and frankly appeared a bit flustered by the rant and howl. They literally didn’t know what to say about such an odd utterance from a national political figure.

What a whining simp. He said it and should come to terms with it. What is it with these guys that bad choices are always somebody else’s fault?

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