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Booz Allen Wrapup

Posted on Monday 28 June 2004

Wow, what a week.

Thursday’s first round was a long day, too. The first group arrived at 17 tee at 8:45AM, and the last group left the green at 6:40PM. Charles Howell shot 61 to set the course record and take the lead.

Thursday night brought a bit of a crisis that I won’t go into other than to say it had nothing to do with the tournament and that I got only about 3 hours of fitful sleep. I was up at 5AM Friday and out of the house by 5:30. After running a crisis-related errand I was at Avenel by 8:00AM, but had to leave again at 10:30 to attend to the off-course matter. Home, then another mission. Back to Avenel to delegate the rest of the day to our excellent marshaling crew, then back home and back out for another crisis mission. Back home again, out for one last crisis errand, quick dinner at the Club, then home and in bed by 9:30. Man, what a 24 hours, on top of already being worn out from marshaling.

But Saturday I woke up feeling rested and the off-course crisis abated. The day just flew by. The weather started out cloudy but finished being perfect. The beer truck must have been doing a land-office business, based on the loudness of the spectators, but they were overall respectful, cheering the good shots and sympathizing with bad luck. And there were surprisingly few cell phones in evidence.

Sunday’s weather was fabulous, and the crowds finally showed up. Steady growth in attendance all day, with a nice but not huge crowd at 17 tee most of the day. By the time the last group came through, about 5:45, the hillside was full and the area right around the tee was, too. Great fun and excitement for all.

Our marshals handled everything wonderfully. Directions, rules, shushing the fans – they were the best crew ever. Always helpful and friendly, but keeping order. Just the best.

Can’t wait for the Booz at the Congo next year. The week before the Open at Pinehurst. Should be a great field, too.

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