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Back in the 950 Family

Posted on Sunday 20 June 2004

Last Monday I wrote about my difficult decision to cancel my interactive messaging service. I lamented Cingular’s customer service approach to my particular case but my real angst came from the symbolism that the act of cancelling represented. After all, I spent a decade in the Mobitex world and filled up three passports (with extra pages) in the process. And the 950 is the best portable email device I’ve ever seen, much less ever used.

Then, on Tuesday morning, I got a note from George Pappas at Cingular. There was an upgraded 950 on the way, and would I please continue to be a customer? Of course I would, with great pleasure.

So late Friday afternoon a package arrived at the door, and inside was the promised unit, already activated and with messages waiting. I’ve been getting reacquainted with the pleasures of that little device; I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it.

Thank you, George, for letting me rediscover the device and service. And Carl, thank you for your warm message.

Dinner’s on me next time. I’m looking forward to it.

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