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And Now, Class, We’ll Learn To Use the Spiel Chucker Spell Checker

Posted on Tuesday 22 June 2004

One of the pleasures of having a rising senior in high school is the volumes of mail which arrives touting SAT tutors. Just today, for example, we received a letter from Summit Educational Group advertising their services. The letter is signed by Charles O’Hearn, Founder and CEO.

Mr. O’Hearn’s letter says his company has “helped students…significantly boost their scores…by sharpening skills and building confidence.” “It’s our unique focus on the individual student that helps put them over the top,” he gushes.

I suspect the increase has come in math scores, not verbal. The envelope that Summit’s letter came in is below; click it to see why Mr. O’Hearn needs a little more focus on his company’s mail room. 🙂


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