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Oh By The Way

Posted on Thursday 27 May 2004

This guy has lost his cotton picking mind.

gorelosesit.jpg I was never a big fan of his politics, but I admired his stance on many important technology issues. (No, I don’t mean I think he invented the Internet nor do I think he ever claimed to have, either.) But I am certain that without his leadership to drive commercialization of what was essentially a Government-funded resource that the ‘Net would not be nearly as important, interesting or valuable as it is today.

Now the even-toned, if completely scripted, former VP and presidential candidate (would he have become this way as president?) has apparently slipped beneath the waves, leaving us with this screaming maniac who seemingly cannot make a point without becoming a watery caricature of a revivalist preacher. Wooden no more, I guess.

[Later] Of course, the pulpit pounding might also be an act. Which might be even sadder than if he really has sailed around the bend.

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